We started long stay plans at our newly opened hostel in Kyoto! Very well located, 20 minutes away from Kyoto Station (or 7 minutes by bus) and 15 minutes from “downtown” Kyoto (Kawaramachi shopping street, Nishiki Market, Gion)

Perfect for
・Working Holiday Visa Holders
・Working Visa Holders
・Short term residents
・International Students

Hostel Information
・All commodities are new since we just opened
・Shared kitchen (fully equipped)

・Japanese top branded matress
・Free WiFi
・Washing Machine
・Many shower rooms / toilets (you’ll never have to wait!)
・10 minutes away from Karasuma, Gojo and Shijo Station
・5 minutes away from Supermarket
・7 minutes away from Family Mart, Lawson

Why here
・Our staff speaks Japanese, English and French. We’ll be able to help you with paperwork and anything that might be hard for you to understand.
・We organize events twice a month, that’s a good way to meet new people (and have fun!)
・We also set up language exchange every weekend, in English, Japanese and French.

Room Information
・Shared room (maximum 4 people)
  1 person ¥70,000/month
Women only shared room (maximum 12 people)
1 person ¥ 70,000/month
・Private room
  1 person ¥150,000/month
  2 persons ¥90,000/month(per person)
→welcome couples and friends!
・No additional fees, No deposit

Please contact us anytime!
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unagiinn/
Meet up: https://www.meetup.com/KyotoSocial_byUnagiInn/



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